Europa Universalis IV - Patch 1.32.2 - Songhai


Après environ une semaine de test public de la bêta, nous mettons en ligne la version 1.32.2 pour tout le monde!

Vous pouvez accéder au contenu de ce patch en bas d'article. Vous trouverez également quelques informations supplémentaires concernant les modifications de l'intégration du système d'abonnement en jeu. Nous continuons la phase d'expérimentation de ce dernier afin d'améliorer l'expérience des anciens et des nouveaux joueurs, ce qui veut dire que certains d'entre-vous pourraient noter quelques changements dans les mois à venir (par exemple, nous avons retiré la fenêtre d'annonce pour les joueurs disposant déjà de tous les DLC).

Comme toujours, n'hésitez pas nous signaler les soucis rencontrés sur la section du forum dédiée aux rapports de bugs ou via l'assistance. Merci!

Les sauvegardes des versions 1.32.x devraient toutes être compatibles entre-elles, mais nous ne pouvons pas vous le garantir! Nos tests nous ont toutefois indiqué qu'il ne devrait pas y avoir de soucis.

Version 1.32.2:
######################## ###########################

# Scénario

# Succès:
- The achievement "Knights of the Caribbean" will now ask for the entirety of Sardinia.
- The achievement "One nation to rule them all" now correctly checks if your subjects are vassals.
- Fixed a script issue regarding the global unrest for the achievement "This is Fine".
- Fixed an issue which made the achievement "Fugger Banking" impossible.
- The achievement "Prestor John" can now be completed even after forming Aksum as Ethiopia.

# Décisions:
- The decision "Build the Third Temple" will be now hidden if you have the event "The Third Temple" open.
- The Mamluks can no longer form Israel.
- Reforming Bulgaria will now update the mission tree.
- Forming Kurland now allows you to be Anglican or Hussite too.
- The "Form Italian Nation" decision will no longer tell you twice that you leave the HRE when you form Italy.
- Forming Somalia will now colonize the provinces Dawa and Ewaso Ngiro.

# Événements:
- Re-added the Institution message event. This changes everything...
- Added a goto button for the event "Growth of the business of <Province Name>".
- Added a goto button for the event "Stagnation and Drought in <Province Name>".
- Added a goto button for the event "Mysore Revolts!".
- Fixed issues related to the event "Where the Legend Begins".
- Fixed event target issues for the event "Pirate Stronghold in Angoche".
- The event "The Great Mosque of Djenné" now has a goto option.
- The event which end the "Decline of Mali" disaster now gives +100 ADM, +100 DIP and +100 MIL as the +1 Stability was most of the time not needed at this point anymore.
- The event "Isabella of Castille" now has a mean time to happen of 200 months instead of 1000 months.
- The explorer from the event "Unexpected Explorer" is now always a female explorer with 10 Tradition.
- Reformed events will now properly check that the country has the Reformed religion too, and not only the Fervor mechanic.
- Muslim School events will now properly check that the country has a Muslim religion too, and not only the School mechanic.
- Orthodox events will now properly check that the country has the Orthodox religion too, and not only the Patriach Authority mechanic.

# Idées:
- The Plains Native Ideas no longer conflict with the Southeastern Woodlands Ideas.

# Missions:
- The mission "Gideon's Revolt" now checks if you actually own the provinces of Semien.
- The mission "Destroy Majapahit" now highlights the Surabaya area even if Majapahit is already dead.
- The Songhain mission "Develop Salt and Cloth" no longer has the awkward custom tooltip in the triggers.
- The modifier "Expansion into the Cape" from the mission "Expand Kilwa" now has a duration of 50 years instead of 30 years.
- The Kilwan mission "Expand Kilwa" can now be completed if the monument in Kilwa has tier 3 too.
- The Songhain mission "Reform the Army" no longer requests you to be ahead in military tech compared to all other countries in the western tech group.
- The Kongolese mission "Unite the Congo Tribes" now counts provinces owned by your subjects too and does no longer request you to have cores on them. This means creating colonies will no longer make the mission impossible.
- The progress for the mission "Temples of Stone" no longer gets reset if you switch your tag.
- The Dithmarscher mission "The Peasants' War" will now properly check for the victory of the Peasants' War.
- The Papal mission "New St. Peter's Basilica" now gives +2 Base Tax to Rome if the monument is already on Tier 3.

# Configuration:
- The province Zacatecas is now guaranteed to have gold.
- Bunyoro now starts with the Acholi culture as an accepted culture.
- The primary culture of Darfur is now Tunjur.
- Ogaadeen now has cores on the provinces Degehabur and Werder.
- The provinces Korofan, Medwa and Kobbe have now the Tunjur culture.
- The country Geledi has now cores on the Ajuuraan provinces Afgooye, Bardera and Gedo.
- Changed the name of the province Kosti to Waylula.

# Modificateurs:
- The modifier "The Third Temple is built" now gives normal missionary strength instead of missionary strength against Heretics.
- The modifier "Expansion into the Cape" from Kilwa's mission tree now also increases Global Settler Increase by +25.
- The modifier "Adalan-Ethiopian War" now gives +0.1 Monthly Piety instead +1. Also fixed the tooltip issue with it, showing the wrong number.
- The modifier "Prime Herding Rights" from the privilege now gives +25% Local Manpower Modifier instead of 100%.
- The modifier "Authority Asserted" now increases max absolutism instead of reducing it.
- Fixed an issue where the modifier "Hegemon of Southern Africa" affected the West African culture group instead of the Southern African culture group.
- The modifier "Hegemon of Southern Africa" now gives +33% Sailor Modifier instead of 0.33 Sailors.

# Autres:
- Added missing dynamic, Greek names for a few provinces.
- Removed the Razing Power Gain modifier from the Buryat Band merc company.
- The estates have now learned to check if you can build manufactories in the first place before giving you the task to build manufactories.
- The estate privilege "Embrace Singular Cult" will no longer add a stability when the regency dies.
- The Malbork Castle Monument now has its garrison size modifier in the correct global modifiers scope.
- The Great Walls of China Monument now has its garrison size modifier in the correct global modifiers scope.
- The Heddal Stave Church Monument now requires the owner to be Christian too in order to have access to its modifiers.
- The estate privilege "Religious Society" now also affects syncretic and harmonized religions.

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