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    Le patch 1.091 arrive demain


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      J'attendrai donc demain pour lancer une nouvelle partie et essayer une république


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        Le patch est dispo, téléchargé à l'instant. À moi Venise !


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          Cela rajoute quoi de spécial?


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            Nouveau patch 1.092 qui rééquilibre un peu les républiques trop puissantes.

            Le nombre de comptoirs commerciaux qu'il est possible d'avoir dépend maintenant des améliorations apportées au palais familial et au nombre d'hommes adultes membres de votre dynastie au sein de votre cour. Les membres hommes et adultes de votre dynastie perçoivent tous la même somme et le complot visant à piquer des comptoirs commerciaux a été rééquilibré.

            Les développeurs précisent en outre que certains bugs liés au multijoueurs sur Mac et Linux seront réglés avec le patch 1.10.

            La liste complète :

            - Added a Trade Post limit for patricians, based on palace upgrades and number of adult males in court
            - Family dues are now given only to adult males of your family in your court, and they all receive the same share
            - Patricians can no longer increase their Demesne limit with higher tier titles. However, the Doge gets +1
            - Patricians who imprison or banish someone now get a tyranny opinion penalty from everyone in the whole Republic
            - Patricians no longer confiscate gold from dynasty members that they banish
            - Doges can no longer use the Seize Trade Post plot
            - Patricians can now only use the Seize Trade Post plot on Patricians owning more Trade Posts than themselves
            - The Seize Trade Post plot now always costs a small amount of money to implement
            - The Holy War CB no longer works against too distant targets
            - Sieging will siege back your own holdings first
            - Tanistry electors are no longer de jure
            - The Windows version is now large address aware
            - Fix for crash on multiplayer game start on Windows 8
            - Fixed a bug where a vassal of a vassal who won a war against an outside state would become a vassal of that state
            - Several events, including those dealing with the creation of the Hansa, no longer require "The Republic" to trigger
            - Rewrote large parts of the tutorial to be up-to-date with current features
            - Fixed a problem in basic military tutorial that made it impossible to proceed past a certain stage
            - Fixed a problem in basic war tutorial that made it impossible to proceed past a certain stage
            - Fixed a crash in court view during observer mode
            - When determining what tier a character is for the purposes of marriage, the highest ranked non-republican ruler among their close relatives is now used (so the nephew of a King would count as King tier)
            - Will no longer get prestige hits for marrying below your tier unless you marry more than one level below it (so a King would get a prestige hit for marrying a Countess but not a Duchess)
            - AI now takes into account both tier prestige and dynastic prestige when responding to marriage offers
            - AI now takes into account prestige effects when selecting spouses for themselves and their relatives
            - Exported MARRIAGE_AI_PRESTIGE_VALUE to defines.lua, this variable is a multiplier on the importance AI places on prestige when arranging marriages
            - The Prestige cost for breaking a truce is now much harsher; 50% of current Prestige + 200.
            - You now get a -5 Diplo penalty for five years if you break a truce
            - Diplomacy View: The Piety and Prestige costs for declaring war no longer prevent you from selecting the action to see why
            - The 'any_neighbor_province' trigger now works for sea zones as well
            - Trade Posts dont give warscore unless the war is using an Embargo or Sieze Trade Post CB
            - You now need twice as much value in a trade zone before reaching its bonus cap
            - Fixed a bug where Patrician stewards would add modifiers to tax multiple times when performing the tax action
            - Fixed a bug with the trigger 'is_land'
            - The republican CB to seize a whole coastal county is now range dependent
            - The republican CB to seize a coastal city now requires the Patrician to have a trade post there already
            - Can no longer grant independence to an antipope
            - Fixed a bug where de jure status of kingdoms would reset upon loading a save game
            - de_jure_liege="---" now works properly in history files
            - Tied bride price to total prestige gain at a ratio defined by DOWRY_MULTIPLIER in defines.lua
            - Can now only ask to embargo republics with trade posts in target ruler's realm
            - AI: Less willing to launch embargo wars in general, especially against rulers they like
            - AI: Less willing to accept requests to embargo on opinion alone
            - AI: Will now factor in strength of target when deciding on whether to accept a request to embargo
            - Inherited retinues are now added to the heirs use of retinue cap
            - CB types now takes ai_will_do with modifiers to modify the priority they place on a particular CB
            - Fixed the birthdate of Domenico Dandolo
            - Minor fixes to Alan dynasties
            - Fixes to Sergiids/Spartenos names
            - Corrections to various Italian characters
            - Several Mamluk dynasties should now use the proper Muslim dynastic shields
            - The correct event is now triggered when an old Patrician family member marries a young woman
            - The Voice of Satan is now properly removed when a character is no longer possessed
            - Characters will no longer hear more than one voice when possessed
            - Patrician family members that are betrothed will no longer experience random marriage events
            - Two additional childhood learning events are now correctly triggered for Muslims
            - Added additional Komi dynasties
            - Minor fixes to some Irish and Welsh characters
            - Added many new Ethiopian characters
            - Added Ethiopian Patriarchs
            - Added Nestorian Patriarchs
            - Exported chance of getting a birth trait to traits.txt files
            - AI doges will no longer gift powers they want to start embargo wars if those powers would say no even when gifted
            - Added new scripting trigger realm_size = x for checking total holdings in realm
            - Added new scripting trigger realm_manpower = x for checking max manpower in realm
            - dynasty = x can now be used to check for whether a character belongs to a specific dynasty
            - You no longer get a claim on the Papacy if he was in a successful independence faction
            - Fixed a slight bug in the claimant faction ultimatum decision
            - landed_titles now takes assimilate = no, which will turn off all de jure drift (both ways) for a Kingdom or Empire level title
            - Fixed a bug with Patricians revoking castles from baron vassals


            • #66
              Le patch 1.10 (checksum SKDF) arrive demain avec The Old Gods. Voici la traductions des principaux changements :

              - Nouveau système de technologie
              - Révision des effets de certains bâtiments + nouveaux bâtiments pour refléter le nouveau système de technologie
              - Ajout du système de raids et de pillages
              - Révision du système d'autorité religieuse, avec l'ajout des sites sacrés pour chaque religion
              - Les principales rivières sont navigables par les païens nordiques
              - Les païens nordiques peuvent préparer leurs invasions
              - Les païens et zoroastriens peuvent avoir des concubines
              - le multjoueur devrait fonctionner entre les différentes plate-formes (PC, Mac et Linux)
              - Ajout du comté et du duché d'Amalfi (nouvelle république marchande)
              - Nouveau type de terrain : steppes

              Les changements mineures (non traduits) :

              - Revised many shields, courtesy of Txini
              - Added court search option to character finder, which lists only characters in your court
              - Can now mark characters as special interest from the character view
              - If a character of special interest dies, they will now be removed from characters of special interest
              - Landed characters of special interest who die will now pass on their special interest status to their heir
              - Dead spouses are now shown with the old previous/next spouse buttons
              - Updated the tutorial
              - Outliner: Clicking a family palace now opens the republic view
              - Republic View: Fixed a glitch with the trade post limit tooltip
              - Character View: Landed councillors and foreign prisoners are no longer listed under your court tab
              - Succession View: Added some religion specific death texts
              - Ransom Prisoner now works when you select the prisoner through the normal interface too
              - The "Ask to Ransom Prisoner" interaction no longer shows up when it should not
              - Diplo View: Fixed a glitch with the prestige from marriage icon
              - Diplo View: If arranging a marriage in your own court, the female will always be regarded as "your" party, for correct prestige
              - Bulgarians now use western slavic graphics instead of eastern
              - Can no longer see the Release Prisoner interaction if the prisoner is not yours
              - Can no longer see the Exile Prisoner interaction if the prisoner is not yours
              - Fixed a glitch with white text in the tooltip for the 'religion_authority' effect
              - Fixed bug with missing sound 'transferregimentship'
              - Event spawned regiments now have names
              - Added delayed tooltips to explain tribal and titular titles in the Title View
              - Fixed a refresh issue with on-map province names
              - Fixed a refresh issue with on-map CoAs
              - Fixed some trigger tooltips
              - Fixed several issues with missing parameters and wrong strings in succession marriage and betrothal interaction texts
              - Fixed a misleading tooltip in independence faction revolter war score
              - Revised some message categories to get the correct event window frames
              - Improved the tooltip on the diplo relations map mode
              - The cultural title names are now updated correctly even before you start a game
              - Adjusted diplomatic colors in Scandinavia
              - The Polish counties now all have reddish political color instead of bright green
              - Improved the create and usurp title tooltip so it shows more info even if some requirements are false

              - Fixed multiple crash issues
              - Fixed some "out of sync" issues with multiplayer
              - Some further speed optimizations
              - Liege levies now have 0 morale when raised
              - Bastards may now marry normally. If they have children, they will start a new dynasty.
              - Birth rates have been reduced a lot
              - Independent dukes of certain cultures are now called kings (of "Petty" kingdoms)
              - You now need more than 50% of the de jure counties to usurp or create a title
              - Added a special event for the rise of the Shi'a Caliphate
              - Increased the max distance to hire mercs
              - You are now allowed to switch commanders if no crown law applies
              - Reworked the penalty for overrunning your max demesne size so it does not crush small demesnes completely
              - Prisoners who are close relatives to the main participants are now automatically released after a war
              - You now only get a "mercy" opinion bonus with your vassals for releasing a vassal ruler
              - Fixed a bug where mercenaries would sometimes be raised in a wasteland province
              - Fixed a bug where the military view sound would play repeatedly if window was kept open
              - Catholic Holy Orders will no longer fight other Christians unless they are a heresy of Catholicism
              - Fixed a bug where the 'Chancellor is looking at my wife' event had a 99%+ chance to fire each year.
              - Revised many cultural first names
              - Only Christian prelates care about traits like Chaste, Celibate and Lustful
              - Demand Conversion now also converts the court of the recipient
              - Revised Gavelkind succession to work better and be smarter about titles that characters already hold
              - Prevented Gavelkind exploit where you could grant your oldest child and heir extra titles before succession
              - Fixed a bug where you were allowed to send off imprisoned children to be educated in other courts
              - No longer able to grant honorary titles to vassals of vassals that are currently in revolt
              - Made the events where people claim they would make a better councillor rarer
              - Fixed a potential problem with Patricians moving to another court for no reason
              - Primogeniture: Fixed a bug where living mothers could inherit ahead of younger sons
              - Increased the minimum religious authority required to ask for invasions and excommunication
              - Vassal religious heads can now grant the invasion CB
              - Fixed an issue where you would vassalize the pope in wars over Rome if he had minor holdings there
              - Fixed a bug where the laws would not always get updated along with the government type
              - Increased the chance of getting the inbred traits
              - Fixed a problem with laws not being validated on religion change
              - Most randomly generated men now start out lowborn
              - Tweaked dynasty name generation for newly landed Lowborn characters
              - Improved choice of exile for married characters
              - Shared revolter occupation war score now works when the liege is the attacker too
              - Corrected the region around the Aral Sea
              - Added a duchy of Samarkand
              - Fixed a bug with the surrender effect of Holy Wars
              - Posthumously born children of Doges no longer get a claim on the Republic
              - Fixed a bug where the presence of live Zoroastrians in the game would mess up various Mongol events
              - Fixed a glitch where newly activated titles could be labelled Theocracies
              - Can no longer offer vassalization to someone you have granted independence
              - Moved the duchies of Tabriz and Azerbaijan de jure into the kingdom of Persia
              - Added an event where powerful vassals can choose independence after a successful Decadence invasion
              - Added an Empire of Italia
              - Added de jure Empire of Tartaria
              - Added de jure Wendish Empire
              - Added de jure empire of Carpathia
              - Added de jure empires of Mali and Abyssinia
              - Gave the Pechenegs a kingdom tier title
              - The kingdom of Italy is now a de jure part of the HRE in 1066
              - Outsiders can now ask to join "other" claimant wars
              - Added a Muslim Caliphal subjugation CB, much like the pagan one
              - Simplified and improved the Tribal Invasion CB
              - Tribal titles can no longer de jure assimilate duchies and kingdoms
              - Tribal titles are now destroyed if held by someone with normal titles of the same or higher tier
              - Added a number of tribal tags, mostly intended for the 867 start
              - The event "Comet Sighted" can now actually fire
              - Fixed an issue where counties and minor baronies could given a null holder
              - Fixed some issues with the outcome of claimants getting king+ tier titles
              - Fixed an issue with the outcome of usurpation and grant title event effects for the primary title of a holder with multiple highest tier titles
              - Fixed an issue with newly activated titles getting the wrong government type
              - Non-pagan Temple type characters no longer inherit claims
              - Added new ambition: "Become King of X". Cannot be cancelled.
              - No longer allowed to land eunuchs with feudal holdings
              - Fixed a bug preventing a complete victory against a landless enemy with only fleets
              - Blocked the whole event chain leading up to bastard children for muslims
              - Added vassal Opinions of a liege who lets a guardian of the right or wrong culture educate their heir
              - Fixed a rather bad error in combat with the defensive religious bonus
              - When the primary title is taken from a Caliph, the Caliphate should now go with it if the taker can hold it
              - Fixed some bugs with the creation triggers for the Sunni and Shi'a Caliphates and the Latin Empire
              - Higher tier bishops are no longer generated with dynasties either
              - Now allowed to pick a lowborn character to play in the lobby, if he will get a dynasty as soon as the game starts
              - Added Bolghar and Khazar cultures
              - Fixed a bug with culture-less holders being created for baronies that had had a scripted holder before being taken out of circulation
              - Gave the Volga Finnic tribes some new duchies
              - Added two now cultures: Mordvin and Samoyed
              - Revised province cultures in the Finnic areas
              - Added an Avar culture
              - Independence faction leaders are no longer imprisoned on white peace
              - Added creation condition to the kingdom of Hungary
              - Reshuffled some de jure provinces around Lithuania and created the duchy of Grodno
              - Fixed a bug with regnal numbers and moving back in history past the first holder of a title
              - No longer allowed to grant independence to de jure vassals of your own religion
              - Inactive titles no longer get holders automatically until explicity activated
              - The Holy Orders are now properly deactivated with no rulers until they appear
              - The Mongols are now properly deactivated with no rulers until they appear
              - The Aztecs are now properly deactivated with no rulers until they appear
              - Open Elective realms now only get Lowborn rulers and courtiers
              - The arriving Mongol Khans are now Batu and Hulegu
              - Fixed a bug with dead Caliphs no longer being styled "Caliph"
              - Fixed a slight bug in the claimant faction ultimatum decision
              - Split the Swedish county of Småland and adjusted the history files
              - Added the county of Bar (split from Verdun), with history courtesy of Voy
              - Fixed some issues with the trigger 'revolt_risk' and made sure it's used correctly everywhere
              - Added Slavic Pagan religion
              - Added some more straits to Rügen and the Western Isles
              - Made Venice a single county de jure kingdom
              - Cut the strait to Venezia
              - Adjusted the Nubian region de jure
              - Adjusted culture and religion history in Cilicia
              - Moved c_viviers (Vivarais) from d_toulouse to d_dauphine
              - Slightly adjusted the border around Uppland, Västmanland and Gästrikland
              - De jure change: Sarpa to Azov and Kasogs to Alania
              - De jure change: Portucale to Portugal
              - De jure change: Hedmark to Ostlandet
              - De jure change: Foix to Toulouse
              - De jure change: Nice to Provence
              - De jure change: The kingdom of Wallachia no longer part of the ERE
              - De jure change: Armenia Minor to Anatolia and renamed "Cilicia"
              - De jure change: New duchy of Jazira
              - De jure change: Al Bichri to Syria
              - De jure change: Cut the Duchy of Oxford. Gave its counties to Essex/Bedford and Hwicce/Gloucester.
              - De jure change: Qwivir to Hamadan
              - De jure change: Dailam to Tabaristan
              - De jure change: Bjarmia to Perm
              - De jure change: Tyumen to Cumania
              - De jure change: Aktobe to Cumania
              - Increased the Permian province sizes for aesthetic reasons
              - The Pomeranians are now Slavic Pagans
              - 1066: Fixed a bug with the county of Pavia
              - Changed name of Maghreb culture to Berber
              - The names of Interesting Muslims should now be displayed correctly
              - Dead sons should no longer participate in Family Feuds
              - Added title history for the Byzantine Empire going back all the way to Augustus
              - Added Saladin as an Interesting Character in "The Third Crusade" bookmark
              - Added Khagans Batu and Hulegu as Interesting Characters in "Rise of the Hansa" bookmark
              - Added Wikipedia links to numerous characters
              - Adjusted position of Reykjavik on the map
              - Fixes to the Von Sayn dynasty
              - Added unique council titles for Greek rulers
              - Baldwin V of Jerusalem now has the correct dynasty
              - Province owners will no longer burn down Trade Posts belonging to a vassal's vassal
              - Added missing Sayyid trait to Ummayad characters
              - Alexander Nevsky now has some scripted traits
              - Ezzelino III da Romano now has some scripted traits
              - Friends and Rivals events should now be a bit more common
              - Added Margraves of Susa
              - Various changes and fixes to several Welsh characters
              - Corrections and additions to House Maelienydd
              - House Ua Flaithbertaig / Ua Briáin Seóla dynasty filled out
              - Additions to House of Mathrafal Powys
              - Fixes to the Trpimirovic dynasty
              - Character 455520 is no longer female
              - Gaston the Crusader no longer gets his nickname on birth
              - Additions to the de Holland dynasty
              - Fixed issues with later Ylving monarchs
              - Various fixes and additions related to Ida von Cham
              - Bahri Sultan of Egypt's children now have the correct culture
              - Ramiro Garcés now has Basque culture
              - Added additional holders for the Bishopric of Roskilde
              - Fixes to the de Rethel dynasty
              - Added Tewdwr dynasty, precursors to the House of Tudor
              - Fixes to the marriages of Frederick Barbarossa
              - Added the bastards of Henry Beauclerc
              - Added missing wife and sons of Herluin de Conteville
              - Graphical updates to many coats of arms
              - Changed traits of Caliph al-Mustansir
              - Fixed the names of some English characters
              - Added King John's missing children
              - Fixes and additions to the af Munsö dynasty
              - Additions and changes to the de la Pole dynasties
              - Various changes to Nizam al-Mulk
              - Gyda Eiriksdottir now has the correct father
              - Fixes and additions to the Yngling dynasty
              - Fixed and additions to the Capetian dynasty
              - Tiborg de Provence now has the correct father
              - Fixes and changes to Stephen of Blois' family
              - Added missing marriage to Welf Guelph
              - Changes to Boleslaw II the Bold and his close family
              - Hoël of Nantes is no longer lowborn
              - Hugh 'the Red' de Sully now has his own dynasty
              - Burgonde de Bachaumont is now properly female
              - Fixed a bug with event 248 for unlanded characters

              - Tweaked military AI to be a bit smarter
              - Fixed a bug where the AI would disband Holy Orders even if they were fighting religious enemies and could afford them
              - Will no longer attempt to use Holy Orders to siege enemy provinces of the same religion
              - Muslims will now make use of Holy Orders when fighting other Muslim faiths
              - A bit more focused on de jure grants
              - Will not create claimant factions for the parents of the current ruler
              - Fixed a bug with Patricians not educating their children
              - More careful about raising Crown Authority to the highest levels
              - Electors will now tend to vote for other dynasties if the reigning one is too powerful in the realm
              - Adjusted title revokation acceptance for baron tier characters
              - More nasty plots against overly powerful dynasties
              - Likelier to start and join claimant factions against overly powerful dynasties, if the claimant is of another dynasty
              - Fixed an issue with nominations for Catholic Bishoprics
              - Emperors will now sometimes destroy held kingdom titles
              - Will now often join claimant wars pushing their claim for some title
              - Tweaked marriage chances between pagans
              - Tweaked title creation/usurpation for tribes
              - Smarter about fabricating claims
              - Improved choice of "assimilation culture"
              - Tweaked guardian selection while desiring to assimilate into the local culture
              - Fixed some DoW targetting issues
              - Certain religions are now more passive, some more aggressive
              - Tweaked opinion effect on DoWs
              - Fixed an Elective voting indecision issue
              - Snappier about picking an ambition
              - Will be less stubborn about marrying for an alliance if it has no valid player successor
              - Fixed a bug where it could dismiss special event spawned troops
              - Will now prioritize recreating destroyed religious head titles
              - DoW prio to tribes so they will try to take their de jure kingdom
              - Will not offer to join holy wars to defend someone in another region (overseas), unless it neighbors them somewhere
              - Will do more actions towards its vassals even while at war
              - A bit better at handing out minor titles
              - Fixed a bug where non-patrician baron tier vassals would always say yes to all diplomacy
              - Will not pose claimant ultimatums while the claimant is fighting a war together with the liege
              - Will save some of its state so it can be more consistent after reload

              - Added system for excluding use of inappropriate names for religious reasons
              - Added religion_modifiers, these are temporary modifiers to a religion's MA score
              - Added scripting commands add_consort = x and is_consort = yes/no/x
              - Added 'consort' event target
              - Added 'christian_opinion' to traits
              - Added 'christian_church_opinion' to traits
              - Added 'zoroastrian_opinion' to traits
              - Disabled the character history command 'give_job_title' (use an effect instead)
              - Added trigger 'dynasty_realm_power'
              - Added console command: init_laws [title]
              - Exported FERTILITY_BASE_MULT to defines
              - Exported many values to defines
              - Added 'spawn_fleet' effect that can match characters
              - Traits can now be marked as religious, which will clear them out if a character changes religion
              - Added dynasty flag 'used_for_random'
              - Fixed a bug with the 'controls_religion' event trigger
              - Added parameter 'disband_on_peace' to the event effect 'spawn_unit'
              - Event spawned sub units can now be marked as not inheritable (cannot_inherit = yes)
              - Added safeguards to prevent strange crashes when trying to add non-existent temporary modifiers
              - Added 'adjective' event effect
              - Tweaked the 'set_name' effect so that it can reset title names
              - Added trigger and effect 'any_consort'
              - Added effect 'random_consort'
              - Added title history commands 'name', 'adjective', 'reset_name' and 'reset_adjective'
              - Event effects can now be run in title history as well
              - Added 'insert_title_history' event command'
              - Added event effect 'cancel_job_action'
              - Added event effect 'remove_holding_modifier'
              - Added event effect 'refill_holding_levy'
              - Added Casus Belli type flags 'apply_short_occ_mod' and 'apply_short_occ_mod'. These control whether or not the "Recently Conquered" and "New Administration" holding modifiers are set on victory.
              - Added an 'aggression' field to religions (AI parameter)
              - The 'create_character' effect now correctly defaults to 'dynasty = random'
              - Added event effect 'make_primary_title'
              - Fixed some minor issues with the triggers 'higher_tier_than' and 'lower_tier_than'
              - Fixed a bug with the 'de_jure_vassal_or_below' trigger
              - Fixed an issue with the effect 'usurp_title_plus_barony_if_unlanded_and_vassals' vs holders with multiple kingdoms
              - Added 'can_cancel' flag to character ambitions
              - Added trigger 'attribute_diff'
              - Added trigger 'is_reformed_religion'
              - Fixed some issues with trigger 'is_parent_religion'
              - Fixed an issue with decision scripts and very low likelihoods
              - Can now specify 'used_for_dynasty_names' in landed titles
              - Added trigger 'holy_order'
              - Fixed a bug with "religion" change at a certain date in the character histories
              - Exported SHORT_REIGN_OPINION_MULT to defines
              - Added a 'short_reign_opinion_year_mult' field to religions that can override the define SHORT_REIGN_OPINION_MULT
              - Added trigger:
              num_culture_realm_provs = {
              num = X
              culture = [tag/target]
              - Added trigger:
              num_religion_realm_provs = {
              num = X
              religion = [tag/target]
              - Added "Killer" character text promotion
              - Added "GetSonDaughter" character text
              - Added Alert: ALERT_PLANNING_INVASION
              - Added Alert: ALERT_ENEMY_INVASION_PLANNED
              - Added trigger: preparing_invasion = [yes/no]
              - Added event target: invasion_target
              - History: Added proper working support for removing holdings
              - Individual dynasties can now be overridden by mods without replacing the whole file
              - Exported define PAGAN_HOME_SUPPLY_MOD
              - Added 'defensive_attrition' to religions
              - The creation trigger on landed titles now has the title itself in the FROM scope
              - Added trigger 'any_previous_holder'
              - Death and birth dates in character history files now only use the outer date. (Ignores the X in "birth = X")
              - Added trigger 'relative_power'
              - Added 'piety_cost' and 'prestige_cost' to casus bellis. This means they are visible to select even if you currently don't have enough Piety or Prestige.
              - Added 'match_min' and 'match_max' parameters to the 'spawn_unit' and 'spawn_fleet' effects
              - Added 'female_temple_holders' field to religions
              - Scripted in a 'allow_distant' parameter in CBs
              - Added on action 'on_siege_over_winner'
              - Added PREVPREVPREVPREV scope (does not work everywhere)
              - Added 'GetFatherMother' parameter to text

              Ca c'est du patch . Enfin quand même, je suis un peu déçu qu'ils n'aient pas inclus le système de rebelles et d'aventuriers...
              Dernière modification par Rem, 28-05-2013, 12h42.


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                Faut qu'ils gagnent de l'argent Rem... Déjà l'on a une date en plus... C'est bueno!


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                  Certes, certes . Mais en fait c'est assez surprenant et je ne comprends pas les raisons de ce choix. Qu'ils incluent les rebelles ou pas dans l'extension, j'aurais compris que le prix soit plus élevé que la moyenne vu tout ce qu'apporte cette extension à côté. Enfin bref, ça n'empêche pas que demain, je fais chauffer la carte bleue .


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                    Un nouveau patch approche. Il sera dispo dans la semaine prochaine. En attendant, vous pouvez voir dans le changelog, qu'ils utilisent les mods pour corriger leur jeu, si ça ce n'est pas beau ...


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                      Sortie du patch 1.101 !

                      - Added a "Retract Vassal" interaction
                      - Disallowed destruction of non-titular titles under Gavelkind

                      - Added lots of portrait fixes from the "CK2 Portrait Fixes" mod by zebez
                      - Adjusted the random CoA colors and color choices
                      - Scripted a lot of CoAs for various dynasties
                      - The CoAs of titles named after a dynasty now match the dynasty CoA
                      - Bishops no longer wear pope hats, but the pope does
                      - Livonia now has the correct pagan flag
                      - Buildings requiring a coastal province now show up in the tech tooltip even if the capital is not coastal
                      - Fixed some tooltips in the settlement view not showing building levels with the name
                      - Nicknames are now shown for heads of religion
                      - The 'Grant Independence' action is no longer even shown if the recipient is not your vassal
                      - The 'Prepare Invasion' action is now shown but grayed out if you are at war with the recipient
                      - Added missing Bektashi religion description
                      - Endgame screen now shows correct score for characters
                      - Added missing name of the Reformed Aztec Church title
                      - Tweaked the religion colors to make them more distinct
                      - Corrected some event text typos

                      - Norse Pagans can no longer employ the coastal conquest CB against other pagans (neighboring counties can still be taken though)
                      - The Subjugation CB can now only be used once per lifetime instead of every 10 years. (Unless you have the 'Become King' ambition.)
                      - Characters with the "Become King" ambition and access to the subjugation CB can no longer move their capital out of the de jure kingdom
                      - Subjugated rulers of another religion now get a smaller opinion bonus vs the winner, lasting for a shorter time
                      - Fixed a bug with many vassalizing casus bellis where the target's own counties would be seized when they should not be
                      - Tengri Pagans are now limited to Agnatic succession
                      - The Jomsvikings now reform if the Norse reformation takes place
                      - Fixed an issue where the primary heir under Gavelkind would not inherit the capital county
                      - West African pagans can now also raid
                      - Lowered the spawn rate of TOG rebels by 20%
                      - Added the "Ghanan Band" mercenary company
                      - Slavic, Baltic and Finnish Pagans now get a bonus to their levy sizes, at the cost of their garrison bonus
                      - Fixed a problem with the decadence invasion event
                      - Fixed a bug with decadence revolts ending strangely on the attacking ruler's death
                      - Court Chaplain job events no longer restricted to men for pagans
                      - Made the Chancellor job to improve relations more effective
                      - Mercenary ships will no longer spawn in major rivers
                      - The Viking trait can now only be gained by adults
                      - Heirs returning from the Varangian Guard to take the throne of their dead father can no longer get the same event twice
                      - Piast the Wheelwright and his son are now of the Piast dynasty
                      - Pagan festivals can now only be held in summer as intended
                      - City Shipyards now produce slightly more galleys than their Castle and Temple counterparts
                      - Fixed a bug where banishing landed vassals would not take all their titles
                      - Under Gavelkind, your oldest son will no longer ask for titles
                      - Added additional names and dynasties for Roman characters created in the Ruler Designer
                      - Added an earlier king of Ireland to make Irish liberation revolts possible
                      - 867: Strengthened the coastal Baltic, Slavic and Finnish tribes with better Holdings
                      - 867: Slightly strengthened the initial forces of Ivar and Halfdan
                      - 867: The Karling kingdoms are now on Agnatic succession
                      - 867: Moved Uglich from the Meryas to the Vyatichi
                      - 867: Byzantium is now properly on Primogeniture, not Gavelkind
                      - 867: The Duchy of Meath now exists, called "Tara" by the Irish
                      - 867: Made some important vassals to the King of Italy Italian culture to prolong the survival of the culture and ensure more internal troubles
                      - 867: Adjusted the initial political and dynastic setup among the Baltic tribes to make them more resilient
                      - The vassal opinion for free investiture law now correctly only applies for Catholics
                      - Build cost and time is now affected by your capital tech, not the average tech in your realm
                      - Ignoring pagan defensive attrition is now controlled by your capital tech, not by the average tech in your realm
                      - Own fort level no longer affects ability to navigate major rivers
                      - Tweaked the AI bonuses on Hard and Very Hard difficulty settings
                      - Successful non-claimant adventurers are now known as "the Conqueror"
                      - Fixed a bug with weird dynasty names for the commanders of Liberation rebels
                      - Castrating or blinding a prisoner now removes the righteous imprisonment cause when they are released
                      - The ambition to gain a council position now only increases a skill the first time it is successful
                      - The generic Pagan religion now has a description and holy sites
                      - Added the Hellenic religion
                      - The events when certain cities are sacked now properly trigger for the Mongol Empire
                      - The event when you raise a runestone as a zealous Reformed Norse character no longer treats you as a Christian
                      - Captured Rebel leaders now have a "Broken Spirit" modifier, making them pretty useless
                      - Fixed a bug where Gavelkind could produce republics
                      - Fixed a general bug with multiple kingdom inheritance that could produce republics
                      - The decision to create the Kingdom of Leon now makes it a de jure part of the Empire of Hispania
                      - Trade posts are no longer counted towards the Prepared Invasion realm size limits
                      - Fixed a bug with being able to semi-grant invalid duchies and kingdoms to your heir under Gavelkind
                      - Heathen priests can now inherit titles
                      - Mayors and heathen priests will now marry if they are heirs to other titles
                      - Lack of Piety rumor event now only triggers for Christian lieges as intended
                      - Trade post garrisons now give less retinue cap increase
                      - Moved the counties of Loon and Julich from de jure Cologne to Luxemburg
                      - Technology points are now gained by own demesne when containing buildings that give technology points
                      - Baltic cultures can now also form the Wendish Empire
                      - Finnic cultures can now also form the Russian Empire
                      - Finnic cultures can now also form the Scandinavian Empire
                      - North Germanic cultures can now also form the Empire of Britannia
                      - 867: Greater Poland is no longer a republic after a resign
                      - Norse Patricians are now correctly on Seniority succession

                      - Will not convert to Norman culture if in a huge Norse empire
                      - Higher prio on building temple towns
                      - Adjusted propensity to backstab brothers of the faith who are primary parties in holy wars
                      - Behaviour is now affected subtly by the difficulty settings
                      - Tweaked max field army sizes a bit
                      - Will not agree to concubinage for title claimants

                      - Exported BASE_REVOLT_CHANCE_MOD and TOG_REVOLT_CHANCE_MOD to defines
                      - Added a 'can_appear' field to dynasties to prevent for example the Seljuks from appearing before their event
                      Dernière modification par Rem, 12-06-2013, 18h41.


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                        Hellenic religion ?

                        :O :O :O

                        Appelez de suite le Père Faras !


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                          Le dernier temple païen de l'empire byzantin fut fermé au IXème siècle, ca rentre mais de très très très très peu.


                          • #73
                            Nouveau patch aujourd'hui : 1.102 (checksum UPXG) :


                            - Removed the erroneous warning text about disinheriting a dynasty member when granting him a temple holding, for non-Christians
                            - West Africans now use the Mongol on-map shields
                            - Diplo View: Crusades/Jihads/Great Holy Wars are now listed before they can be used (with a tooltip why you can't use them)
                            - Added some more random Coat of Arms elements (more work to come)
                            - Fixed an issue where the wrong temple icon could be shown in the province view
                            - Fixed an issue with the displaying of strong claims for pagans and Zoroastrians

                            - Fixed bug where Arsenal building could be deleted on succession
                            - The decision for creating Hungary now takes away the Ukrainian part of their realm
                            - Zoroastrians can now properly use their Crusade CB
                            - 1066: Rebalanced William's, Harold's and Harald's starting forces
                            - Fixed a bug where Crown Laws would not carry over into created kingdoms and empires
                            - Fixed some bugs with True Cognatic succession
                            - You no longer get messages about adventurers who are not actually declaring war
                            - You must now be in the West African culture group to recruit the Ghanan Band
                            - Slashed some unnecessary memory usage for living characters
                            - Fixed bug where you sometimes raised two runestones in honor of your father
                            - The event where a female courtier initiates romance with her liege now properly checks their opinion of each other
                            - Expanded the Justanid dynasty of Gilan
                            - Fixes and additions to several Norwegian dynasties
                            - The Imperial Reconquest CB now also applies to the Kingdom of Asturias
                            - Fixed a bug where the order of holdings in provinces did not remain consistent when stepping back and forth in history
                            - Varangians will now only come back Orthodox if it's the Byzantine ruler's religion
                            - Diseases now actually trigger before 1066
                            - Fixed a rare crash issue with invalid coat of arms for Muslim held titles
                            - Some slight memory and speed optimizations
                            - Lund is now a temple holding
                            - Marshals can no longer interfere with their own efforts to train troops in a province
                            - Court Chaplains no longer claim characters are heretics if they are already branded as such
                            - The opinion modifiers given by events 3243 and 4148 no longer instantly disappear
                            - Added the Dál gCais dynasty
                            - Expanded the Morgannwg dynasty
                            - Fixes to Gwerthrynion dynasty members
                            - 867: Corrected the character Hrolf, the first duke of Normandy
                            - 1066: Corrected an issue with Gurgan and Dailam not being part of the Seljuk empire
                            - Loosened up the culture requirements for the formation of the kingdoms of Rus and Finland
                            - Follow-up events should now trigger properly when your wife is impregnated by a lover
                            - Added the three winning submissions from the Event Contest
                            - Piety from buildings is now given to both the owner and his/her liege
                            - Moved the duchy of Hayya from Abyssinia to Nubia
                            - Fixed a bug where the liege would always inherit a courtier's gold
                            - Improved the gold inheritance check to look for siblings and grandchildren if necessary
                            - No longer possible to invite a concubine to your court
                            - The Blot and Nerge decisions are now high priority, giving players a heads up when they are available
                            - Landless Popes can now call crusades
                            - Titles with free duchy revocation (the ERE) can now also revoke the de jure capital county freely

                            - Will no longer declare war on its current "player heir", or vice versa
                            - Will not flip culture to Swedish, Danish or Norwegian culture if in a huge Norse empire
                            - Will now execute claimants whose claim is currently pressed in a war against it
                            - Doges and patricians are now more likely to build in their cities
                            - Pagans now willing to accept cross-religion marriages with other pagans if it likes you enough
                            - Will now accept marriage offers for courtiers of the right religion, even if the ruler is of a hostile religion
                            - Female rulers or heirs less likely to marry non-matrilineally, unless they really like you
                            - More likely to revoke its de jure capital title

                            - Added Enatic and Enatic-Cognatic Succession code support (laws not available without slight modding)
                            - Added 'can_hold_temples' to religions (like Muslims can hold temple holdings)
                            - The history command 'raise_troops' now raises them with full morale
                            - Added 'merge' field to the 'spawn_unit' effect
                            - Added 'can_use_gui' to CB types
                            - Added liege_prestige, allowing buildings to give prestige to its owner and his/her liege


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                              Nouveau patch aujourd'hui : 1.103 (CHECKSUM: WQLL)


                              - Fixed incorrect AI reasoning text string "X is my lover"
                              - Fixed a tooltip bug in the effect 'gender_succ'
                              - Corrected some text bugs
                              - It is no longer possible to start building Theodosian walls outside of Constantinople
                              - Wikipedia links should now work on linux

                              - Changed the way levies reinforce (to fix a rounding bug.) This will overall reduce levy reinforcement rates a bit.
                              - Tech spread no longer gets stuck at 5
                              - Patricians with no landed holdings now correctly get some random courtiers (which they can, for example, marry)
                              - Euboia is no longer "Ocean" terrain
                              - Westfriesland is no longer "Ocean" terrain
                              - You can no longer become a truce breaker from failed imprisonments or title revokations, or wars from events, plots or factions
                              - 867: Gave Almos, the ruler of the Magyars, and his son Arpad scripted traits
                              - 867: Slightly strengthened the initial Magyar army
                              - Kingdoms with a king can now also de jure drift into empires
                              - Independent kingdoms can no longer drift out of their de jure empires
                              - Added Zoroastrian Crusade target weights to appropriate titles
                              - Human played vassals of the Magyars now get to keep their Ukrainian lands when Hungary forms
                              - Added level three Castle Fortifications to Constantinople
                              - Boosted the heavy infantry morale bonus given by the Aztec Jaguar Warrior Lodge
                              - Fixed a crash with deleted characters in a title's previous holder list
                              - The Seljuks now appear a bit further south, in Dashhowuz rather than Kyzylorda
                              - Fixed a bug where creating a kingdom or empire would not always initialize Crown Laws correctly
                              - Fixed raised armies being counted twice for max troops calculations used by some interfaces and some AI calculations
                              - Fixed an issue with save game corruption after loading a game and saving before unpausing

                              - Fixed a bug where patrician AI would go braindead for a long time after resign/reload
                              - Fixed an issue where, in many cases, under Gavelkind the AI would not create a second duchy even to form a kingdom
                              - Fixed a bug in the diplo AI where it would consider other lowborn characters to be its own dynasty
                              - Tweaked cross-religion Pagan marriage acceptance


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                                Les développeurs annoncent la sortie d'un nouveau patch, le 1.11, la semaine prochaine :

                                Le patch :

                                Le patch 1.11 sortira la semaine prochaine, et apportera quelques nouvelles fonctionnalités qui rendront notamment les complots plus simples. Après avoir choisi un complot, vous pourrez désormais paramétrer le jeu de sorte qu'il invite automatiquement tous les comploteurs potentiels qui accepteraient de se joindre à vous. Vous n'aurez donc plus besoin de parcourir des listes de personnages pour leur envoyer des invitations individuelles à vous rejoindre.

                                D'autre part, vous pourrez faire en sorte que les personnages finissent leurs propres complots avant de rejoindre le vôtre. Vous aurez également la possibilité de voir quels personnages vous rejoindront si vous les soudoyez.

                                Enfin, on notera l'apparition d'une compétence des personnages spécifiques aux sièges et davantage de support pour les moddeurs.

                                Le convertisseur de sauvegarde :

                                Johan vous a déjà proposé un journal de développement sur le convertisseur de sauvegarde, aussi je n'ai rien de particulier à ajouter, si ce n'est que nous sommes très contents du résultat.

                                L'outil de personnalisation :

                                C'est un petit contenu téléchargeable dans la même veine que le Ruler Designer, mais il correspond à quelque chose qui a été largement demandé. Il permettra aux joueurs de personnaliser certains aspects de leur partie quand cette dernière sera avancée.

                                Vous pouvez envoyer votre personnage chez le barbier, où sa coiffure et son visage pourront être changés. Exemple :


                                Vous pourrez renommer vos titres ou ceux de vos vassaux :


                                Enfin, vous pourrez modifier le nom de votre dynastie et ses armoiries :


                                J'espère que tout ceci vous conviendra, dans l'attente de nouvelles annonces concernant Crusader Kings II .
                                Dernière modification par Rem, 07-08-2013, 13h34.