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  • Medieval : Total War

    Je viens de me rendre compte que l'on avait perdu notre conversation sur Medieval TW, donc relançons là !

    Petite info pour dire qu'il y a encore des mods en développement sur le jeu !

    Ancient TW est donc encore en développement et est téléchargeable en beta : http://forums.totalwar.org/vb/forumd...251-Ancient-TW

    La première version du mod date ni plus ni moins que de 2007 ! Ca force le respect !

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    Toujours sur Medieval Total War, le mod Game of Thrones est disponible !



    Ever conscious of the needs of those strange folks who persist in playing good old fashioned MTW and having acquired an addiction to all things related to Westeros, I finally gave in and submitted to my urges towards creating a suitable mod to satisfy those dual cravings... well, no-one else seems to have risen to the challenge, so I guessed I had to do it for myself.

    I can now announce a beta release of A Game of Thrones mod for MTW.

    Here's the cut-to-the-chase bit: get it here

    Now for some details:

    you will need a new, clean copy of MTW:VI v2.01, simply point the installer to the new directory and let it do its magic there.

    The scenario begins with the power vacuum created by the death of Robert Baratheon, First of his Name, in 297AC.

    Playable factions:
    • Baratheons of Storm's End (ie Renly)
    • House Arryn
    • House Tyrell
    • House Martell
    • House Lannister
    • House Tully
    • House Greyjoy
    • House Stark
    • Baratheons of Dragonstone (ie Stannis)

    The whole of the Seven Kingdoms are playable, from Dorne up to the Wall. The map has 105 provinces, and it will really help the player to be familiar with the canon, eg where the best places are to raise a fleet, where the Starks can recruit the few knights they have access to etc etc.

    This is a BETA release so feedback is sought and highly desired - there are improvements in the pipeline, and a possible expansion to bring in Essos if the interest is there.

    Finally, a few screenies to whet the appetite (though they do go back a bit into development phase....)


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      salut je post ici car je ne sait pas trop ou trouver cela en fait
      j'ai suivi un lien pour pouvoir jouer au mod third age total war car introuvable via steam et pour ma plus grande malchance j 'ai égaré la version deux dvd avec le kingdom et j'ai racheter le special hit ou les deux on fusionner donc il ne reconnais plus le dvd et quand je lance le mod lotr il ne reconnait pas et et me met en boucle redire je suis blasé car c'est un mod que j'adore merci de bien vouloir venir m expliquer comment le faire tourner sur steam le mod etant installé dans le dossier ou se trouve teutonic america british isles et crusade en G:/gaming/steamlibrary steamapps/common/medieval 2/mods