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  • Liste de mods compatibles avec Distant Worlds Universe

    Distant Worlds Extended Universe
    18 new races for Distant Worlds set in the Distant Worlds universe bringing the race total to 40. Each with their own unique flavour, flags, dialog text, victory conditions, strengths, weaknesses. Each race has been balanced and brings with them their own challenges.

    Unleashed Extended I & II
    Ce mod complète DW Extended.

    AI Improvement Mod
    Le titre du mod est explicite ! Tout ce qui peut être moddé dans l'IA a été amélioré.

    Lower Speed And Range Mod
    All Hyperdrives are modded so they are slower and have less range. I also enhanced the differences between the drive systems so they are more unique. The goal is to slow the game down, reduce exploration and colonisation speed and generally make the galaxy feel more vast to create longer and more epic gameplay.

    Star Wars: Ancient Fears
    The Mod is set 15 years after "Episode VI: Return of the Jedi" and includes a Prebuilt Map, Star Wars Characters, Races, Ships, Flagshapes, Planets and Stations, and a New Soundtrack from the Star Wars movies and other epic SciFi Videogames.

    Das Chrome UI Mods
    UI overhaul

    Galactic Star Map
    Gives you several maps with new scenarios.

    Alien Immersion Project
    Race-specific UI for each race and race-specific soundtracks - for each race different.

    Stuff & Bits UI Mod
    Replaces nearly all UI with GEM mod inspired assets. New planets, planet maps, plague icons, and cursors.

    [DWU] Vanilla Race Balance
    This is a mod that tweaks the race balance of vanilla races and governments. It also makes a single research change that strengthens espionage slightly. All of the changes have been inspired by either the race codex entries or victory conditions. This mod is still a WIP.

    Babylon 5 Mod
    Babylon 5 conversion

    Star Trek The Picard Era
    22 playable Star Trek Races (more may be added by release): Andorian, Bajoran, Benzite, Borg, Breen, Cardassian, Chalnoth, Dominion, Federation, Ferengi, Gorn, Hirogen, Kazon, Klingon, Ktarian, Reman, Romulan, Sheliak, Son'a, Tamarian, Tholian & Yridian
    4 playable pirate groupings: The Orion Syndicate, The Maquis, The Korgath Barbarians & The Khan Privateers

    Star Trek - The Return of Khan
    Ce mod est prévu pour juillet 2017.

    Star Wars
    Mod en projet pour août 2017.

    Beyond Extended Universe
    Maximization of difference between races compared to vannila and regular race mods and rebalance through implementation of race-specific Character Systems. Adding new races and governments. Race specific user interface, and full collection of 48 sets of race-specific diplomatic music. Unique portrait art for each character planned. Immersion Names following race-specific phonetics. WIP but fully playable at curent release providing alot of new stuff. Races: 48. Goverments: 22. Races with character system implemented: 11/48, Races with unique face implemented: 1/48. Mods integrated: 8

    Human Revolution
    Mankind broke up in many different, yet similar, but competing factions. The Human Revolution mod adds five new races to Distant Worlds and edits one. The standard human race is edited to reflect the background story of this mod, and three more interesting races are also added.

    Resource Mod
    Completly revised resource system with proper galactopedia including real world trivia to explain their 'theoretic' function in the game. This might help some roleplayers. Further, as most people might have wanted, the polymer is reduced to its prestate again: OIL! You can and are allowed to include it in other mods. You have to check the compatibility yourselves though.

    Visual hyperdeny effect mod
    New hyperdeny effect.

    No annoying ship symbols mod
    Removes the ship symbols.

    Warhammer 40k
    Le mod transporte DW dans l'univers Warhammer 40k. Il met également en place un jeu plus nerveux et plus focalisé sur la guerre que sur l'économie.

    Research Reloaded
    Research trees are restructured and significantly extended. There are lots of interesting new components, new facilities, new wonders, new governments, a new ressource, a new race, new everything. Hyperdrives are generally slower and have less range making the universe vaster and gameplay more epic.
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