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  • [Mod] Distant Worlds Extended

    Il s'agit d'un mod qui augmente le contenu présent dans Distant Worlds de façon très importante :


    Distant Worlds Extended

    Recommended download:
    Distant Worlds Extended 1.0.3 with Das Chrome UI 1.5b mod Blue
    For the raw Distant Worlds Extended mod for those who want the original UI, flag shapes and resources please scroll down.

    How to Install Mods by Das24680
    Warning: not all mods will work together, mods with races will not merge together for example.

    18 new races for Distant Worlds set in the Distant Worlds universe bringing the race total to 40. Each with their own unique flavour, flags, dialog text, victory conditions, strengths, weaknesses.
    Each race has been balanced with countless hours of play testing, this mod does not create a new race that will dominate all your games but they do bring with them their own challenges.

    Distant Worlds Extended Universe - The only version for the latest version of the game.
    Distant Worlds Extended Universe 1.0.3

    Only for if you downloaded a previous version and don't want to download the full package.
    Distant Worlds Extended Universe Patch from any previous version to 1.0.3

    Version 3.0.4 for Distant Worlds Shadows
    Added ship designs for each new race.
    Added unique troop images for each new race modified from original art.
    Updated mod to Shadows format.
    *3.0.3 Updated design templates to latest game version
    Distant Worlds Extended Shadows 3.0.4

    Version 2.0.2 for Distant Worlds Legends
    9 races added to a total of 16 new races with their own ship sets, dialogue, policies and biases.
    Distant Worlds Extended 2.0.2

    Outdated Version 1.1
    For just the original 7 new races without the new style race images.
    Distant Worlds Extended 1.1

    This mod requires Distant World Legends patched to the latest version.
    Extract the contents of this .zip file to your Distant Worlds Customization directory.
    C:\Matrix Games\Distant Worlds\Customization\
    Then when you start the game select Change Theme from the main menu and select Distant Worlds Extended.

    Please update to the latest version of Distant Worlds when using this mod.

    Thanks to Darkspire for authoring the Galactopedia files for me.
    Thanks to Kalthaniell for the use of his ship sets. Without Kal this mod would be half of what it is.
    Thanks to WoodMan for the use of his ship set.
    Thanks Martian for the use of his race images.
    Thanks to Robocrab for the use of his ship sets.
    Some ship sets used from images from the game Gratuitous Space Battles http://positech.co.uk/gratuitousspacebattles/
    Other contributing artists. Please check out their great work and throw them praise.
    nicko mcnicko

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