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  • Pour information, l'Alpha 16 est dispo en version bêta sur Steam (Propriétés, Bêta) .

    J'ai pas trop testé encore, mais le dev dit bien qu'il y a des bugs et que tout ne fonctionne pas encore très bien.

    Un bout de patchlog trouvé sur Reddit par un gars de CPC :

    There is no changelog yet because the update is still in testing.
    Here are some of the new things I noticed, tell me if I missed something to add it.
    Planets are fully 3D. Tiles are hexagons and not squares anymore.
    You can travel to other tiles in the map using a new caravan system.
    You can attack other faction's bases or trade with them by sending caravans. When attacking, the game will generate a map with an enemy base with loot and some pawns. Building during raids is possible.
    You can have multiple colonies and trade items or pawns between them.
    All items have "mass". This is used to determine how much items a pawn or animal can carry.
    When generating planets a temperature and rainfall slider is available and you can choose how many tiles (coverage) to generate at the cost of performance.
    New biome: Sea Ice. A brutally difficult biome similar to an ice sheet without fertile soil, rocks or minerals.
    Other changes
    New refinery and cargo pods to send resources to distant tiles on the map using fuel. Drop pods can be used by pawns and reinforcing other colonies or caravans during raids is possible.
    Trade prices have changed, items are more expensive to buy and sell for more.
    New trait: Kind. Kind pawns will not insult others and will be friendlier.
    Factions can be destroyed completely by defeating all their bases in the map. Factions also have a color to identify their bases in the world map.
    New Mental Break: Give up. This make pawns leave the colony. [This is currently Disabled in \Defs\MentalStateDefs.xml]
    Pets: "Follow master when drafted" and "follow master when doing field work" options.
    New Medical Conditions. Using drugs may damage body parts or give these medical conditions.
    Consciousness MAX: 10%
    Duration (ticks): 25'000
    Duration (s): 416.7
    Chemical Damage (Brain):
    Consciousness MAX: 50%
    Duration: PERMANENT
    Chemical Damage (Kidney):
    Blood filtration: -0.40
    Duration: PERMANENT
    Consciousness: -0.10
    Blood Filtration: -0.35
    Blood Pumping: -0.10
    Duration: PERMANENT
    Work speed penalty for production tables in "bad temperature" (x0.6) or "outdoors" (x0.8)
    Random incidents for caravans, including ambushes by other factions or manhunter animals!
    Hungry pawns will be more aggressive.
    Drugs like go-juice and luciferium nerfed or changed. Drugs may cause chronic diseases or medical conditions such as brain damage, asthma or carcinoma.
    Consciousness: +0.25 -> +0.10
    Manipulation: +0.25 -> +0.00
    Moving: +0.25 -> +0.05
    Sight: +0.20 -> +0.15
    Consciousness: +0.35 -> +0.10
    Sight: +0.00 -> +0.25
    Malari-block removed, replaced with Penoxycyline, a similar drug that also blocks Sleeping Sickness and plague in addition to Malaria. New research has been added for this drug.
    Changes to weapons, ranged cooldown has increased and warmup decreased for nearly all weapons. They are also easier to make.
    Ranged Cooldown (s): 0.66 -> 1.66
    Warmup (s): 4 -> 3
    Assault Rifle:
    Ranged Cooldown (s): 0.69 -> 1.36
    Warmup (s): 1.5 -> 0.9
    Charge rifle:
    Damage: 13 -> 12
    Ranged Cooldown (s): 0.66 -> 1.16
    Warmup (s): 1.5 -> 1
    Charge Lance:
    Ranged Cooldown (s): 2.80 -> 3.30
    Warmup (s): 2 -> 1.5
    Base Damage: 9 -> 8
    Great Bow:
    Ranged Cooldown (s): 0.66 -> 1.50
    Warmup (s): 2.83 -> 1.80
    Heavy SMG:
    Damage: 10 -> 13
    Ranged Cooldown (s): 1.30 -> 1.65
    Warmup (s): 1.33 -> 0.9
    Range: 20 -> 18
    Incendiary Launcher:
    Ranged Cooldown (s): 1.66 -> 4.00
    Warmup (s): 6.17 -> 3.00
    Survival Rifle:
    Ranged Cooldown (s): 0.66 -> 1.26
    Warmup (s): 2.5 -> 1.9
    Pump Shotgun:
    Ranged Cooldown (s): 0.66 -> 1.26
    Warmup (s): 1.5 -> 0.9
    Ranged Cooldown (s): 1.40 -> 2.00
    Warmup (s): 2.00 -> 1.40
    Machine Pistol:
    Ranged Cooldown (s): 0.66 -> 0.90
    Warmup (s): 0.75 -> 0.50
    Ranged Cooldown (s): 0.66 -> 1.26
    Warmup (s): 0.9 -> 0.3
    Short Bow:
    Ranged Cooldown (s): 0.66 -> 1.66
    Warmup (s): 2.50 -> 1.35
    Vitals monitors buffed. Medical tend quality offset: +4% -> +7%
    Consciousness does not matter in movement speed calculations.
    The Research tab now has a research tree.
    New speech bubbles for certain actions.
    You can see an estimate of the amount of time it will take a creature or pawn to die of blood loss.
    Peaceful difficulty. This difficulty removes nearly all negative events with a few exceptions such as mad animals.
    Repair job removed in the work tab and integrated in the "contruction" job.
    Building/removing roofs now has higher priority than most other construction jobs.
    UI Scaling
    Healing and treatment quality now is more varied instead of being simply good or bad. Poor treatments significantly increase the amount of time it takes for wounds to heal.
    Pawns have a new "allow firing" option.
    Mood debuff if wearing looted clothing of dead pawns.
    Rescued pawns may join your colony.
    New button to make a pawn eat food in their inventory.
    Drugs can be given to animals.
    Young pawns will not have an adult backstory.
    Colonies can be abandoned.
    Temperature varies between seasons more widely closer to the poles.
    New ending.
    Slaughter button changed to the right of the animals tab.
    A lot of items and production tables now have negative beauty.
    Map tiles now have a "time zone", "base movement", "base movement during summer", "base moment during winter" statistics to determine the amount of time it takes for caravans to travel through them.
    Megatherium renamed to Megasloth.
    Caravan's Muffalos now wear some decorative gear. Player's Muffalos will also have this gear if they are carrying items.
    Room impressiveness calculations have changed. It is now easier to achieve a higher impressiveness but pawns get a debuff easier if the impressiveness is not high enough in comparison to Alpha 15.
    Rich soil is slightly darker.
    Beauty and Room tool merged.
    Hyperweave clothing is more common.
    Non-animals can eat kibble, but with a significant debuff.
    "Maximum number of colonies" slider in options (its 1 by default.)
    Ship parts recipes changed.
    Ship Computer Core:
    Components: 4 -> 10
    Uranium: 0 -> 5
    Gold: 0 -> 100
    Ship Engine:
    Steel: 400 -> 200
    Plasteel: 200 -> 300
    Component: 6 -> 25
    Uranium: 0 -> 100
    Ship Reactor:
    Steel: 500 -> 300
    Component: 10 -> 25
    Uranium: 0 -> 150
    The size of the blood icon in injuries is determined by the bleed rate of the wound.
    There is a cooldown when requesting caravans of other factions.
    Bleeding rate is much higher.
    When manually forced to clean a cell, colonists will also clean some of the cells around it.

    Elle vend du rêve cette future version, entre les pétages de plomb qui vont faire que les persos vont carrément quitter la colonie et la possibilité de filer de la drogue aux animaux . Ce système de caravane est juste génial et il y a plein de choses intéressantes, comme un vrai arbre technologique, les persos secourus qui peuvent rejoindre la colonie (enfin !), ils ont fusionné les tâches "Construction" et "Réparation", les persos qui ont faim sont plus agressifs, on pourra interdire aux persos d'ouvrir le feu, plus de variété dans la qualité des soins, la possibilité d'abandonner une colonie et bien sûr d'attaquer des colonies adverses, les capsules pouvant être envoyées d'une colonie à l'autre, les caravanes qui tomberont dans des embuscades aléatoires (raids de factions ennemies ou animaux agressifs), etc.


    • L'alpha 16 est dispo sur la version normale!

      Allez hop hop hop les moddeurs si vous m'entendez mettez à jour vos collections


      • Joyeux Noël !

        Spherical planet
        • World map is now modeled as a sphere covered with hexagons (and a few pentagons).
        • New map generation to make nicer mountain ranges, hill clusters, and continents.
        • Nice backdrop with stars and sun.
        • Time of day is modeled on the planet view; local time of day corresponds to how the sunlight hits the planet.
        • Time zones are now modeled, out of necessity.
        • New planet generation parameter: temperature. You can make worlds that are overall hotter or overall colder.
        • New planet generation parameter: rainfall. You can make worlds where there is overall more or less precipitation.
        • New biome: sea ice.
        • Factions can now have many bases; non-player factions generate with lots of bases.

        Multiple simultaneous maps
        • There can now be multiple local maps active at once. For example, you can have your colony running as well, as a group of soldiers attacking an enemy base, at the same time.
        • The character bar at the top of the screen shows all of your colonists and allows you to change which map you’re looking at. It groups characters togehter by the map they’re on.
        • You can settle multiple colonies at once. However, for balance and performance reasons, the default limit is one colony at a time. This can be increased in the options menu if you want to experiment, but we don’t recommend it.

        • Player can now gather up groups of colonists, prisoners, and animals, and form caravans to travel across the world surface.
        • Caravans are formed using a special “create caravan” dialog, which allows you to easily decide what people, animals, and items should be included in the caravan up to its carry weight limit. The colonists do the busywork.
        • Caravans appear as units in the world map, where they can be ordered around similarly to drafted soldiers in the local map.
        • Caravans can be ambushed by enemy factions or manhunting animals. This produces a temporary local map.
        • Caravans can incidentally meet friendly traders and trade.
        • Caravans can visit other faction bases and trade with them. Faction bases have more stock and better prices than traders who come and visit your colony.
        • Caravans can attack faction bases. The game generates a simple faction base map with defenders and loot, and you raid it. If you defeat the defenders, you can move in and take over the base (for now, generated bases are quite simple.)
        • Caravans can settle and form new colonies.
        • You can abandon your bases to shift to new ones.
        • Caravans move at different speeds depending on the biome, the time of year (cold biomes close off with the winter snows), local hilliness, the movement speeds of people in the caravan, and whether there are wounded to carry.
        • It is possible to abandon people and items from caravans. Abandoning people will, depending on the context, produce sad thoughts from their friends and relatives, especially if you abandon them in circumstances that seem impossible to survive.

        Travel victory
        • New game ending: A friendly person offers a ship, but it is distant, across the world map. If you travel there, you can escape the planet and complete the game. But, traveling there will take a long time and you’ll need to stop at various points to build up supplies or solve problems.

        Transport pods
        • You can build transport pod launchers and transport pods. These let you launch their contents long distances across the world map, over oceans or mountains.
        • Pods can be targeted on empty world tiles, to send a caravan of people and gear there.
        • Pods can be targeted on enemy bases, where you can perform “drop-in” raids and drop right on top of the base, or drop outside it – just like raiders do to you!
        • Pods can be targeted on existing combat maps or other bases you control. This allows you to do things like resupply an ongoing siege with artillery shells (just like raiders do when besieging you), reinforce a weak caravan that just got ambushed, or send supplies and people between two bases you control.
        • Pods are loaded by selecting several and creating a “launch group”. An interface like that for creating caravans appears, allowing you to define what and who should be included. The colonists do the detail work.
        • Transport pods require chemfuel, which can be bought, founded, drilled from the ground, or refined from wood or food using the new refinery building.

        Usability improvements
        • New research screen! Research projects are laid out visually according to their dependencies in a left-to-right arrangement similar to the Civilization games. Modders need to manually place their projects, but if two overlap the game will automatically move them apart.
        • Redesigned how medical system generates text feedback. Tooltips now contain much more information with less ambiguity. Wound tendings are now of any percentage quality (not just good/poor).
        • Game now warns you when you order slaughter of a bonded animal (because of the mood impact).
        • Added visual feedback thought bubbles for when pawns gain certain good and bad thoughts, so it’s easier to see when something just bothered or pleased them.
        • Rich soil is darker in color and so easier to see.
        • Added a “hold fire” toggle on drafted pawns that makes them not automatically shoot at enemies.
        • In order to avoid annoying players by having animals always follow their masters, even into combat, players can configure when animals will follow their masters. There are two toggles: Follow while drafted, follow while hunting/taming

        Drugs and health
        • Drug rebalance. Increase drug addictiveness in general. Drugs can now damage the body in various ways: Alcohol can cause brain damage or liver cirrhosis or liver cancer, smokeleaf can cause asthma or lung cancer, psychite can damage kidneys, wake-up and go-juice can damage the brain, and generalized overdoses can cause brain damage.
        • Drugs are more lucrative on the market.
        • Added a third toggle in drug policy saying whether you can use the drug to feed an addiction, separately from joy usage.
        • There is now a random chance of a overdose when taking drugs, even if just taking one dose.
        • Added a way to administer specific drugs to people, including prisoners, animals, and downed people. So you can give Luciferium to someone who needs it.
        • Malari-block reworked into Penoxycyline, which prevents a wide variety of infections (not just malaria).
        • Drug chemical effects are modulated by body size. So elephants need a lot of beer to get hammered; squirrels not so much.
        • Luciferium occasionally heals old wounds/scars. Luciferium is harder to get (less of it in old shrines, higher prices).
        • Stats now stack differently (more additive, less multiplying) to reduce some exploits.

        • Reworked surgery failure into three modes – minor, catastrophic, and ridiculous. Ridiculous hits all body parts, minor and catastrophic hit parts near the surgery site.
        • Reworked trade prices across the board. Simplified trade price calculations and added rich tooltips to feed them back.
        • The mood effects from room impressiveness have been redesigned and rebalanced. Characters now have consistently reasonable thoughts about the quality of their personal room, so there is a reason to make better rooms (though high-quality rooms aren’t absolutely necessary). Mood effects from eating in or convalescing in nice/poor rooms are also more reasonable and better-fed back.
        • Rebalanced plant growth timings.
        • UI can now be scaled to arbitrary scaling factors, for players who play in really high resolution.
        • Rescued people (especially space refugees etc) should sometimes join the colony. If the environment isn’t survivable (e.g. bad temperature, toxic fallout) they should always join the colony.
        • Animals carrying inventory now have visible packs on.
        • Added new separate bills to stonecut each type of stone.
        • Prisoners are now temporarily marked “guilty” when they do certain actions, like killing a colonist or attempting escape. Guilty prisoners can be executed without mood penalties.
        • Faction names are now much more interesting and varied, and are separate from specific community names.
        • New Peaceful difficulty mode, for players who just want to build stuff. Disables major involuntary threats like raids.
        • Rename Megatherium -> Megasloth
        • New alert: Unhappy nudity
        • Backstories can be translated now
        • New translation tool gives a readout of exactly what translation data remains to be written and what data is unused.
        • Added proper chick peeping sounds.
        • You can now only request one trader per 4 days from a faction.
        • Colonists now get mood boosts for defeating big enemies or enemy faction leaders.
        • Cleaning and harvesting jobs are now given in batches (more efficient and sensible AI).
        • Default medical care for non-colonists is now herbal meds. Switches to best meds on recruit.
        • Rebalanced most range weapons so more time is in cooldown and less is in aiming – especially for light weapons.
        • Pawns generated below age 20 now have no adulthood backstory.
        • Hundreds of other balance improvements, exploit solutions, AI improvements, and bugfixes.