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  • Sanctus Reach

    Nouveau jeu Slitherine en préparation, encore avec la licence warhammer 40k en tour par tour sur pc.

    Melcor Chiefs

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    De nouvelles informations


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      Nouvelles images:


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        Il y aura des campagnes et des escarmouche.
        Deux campagnes: Stormclaw (20 missions) et Hour of the Wolf (25 missions)
        Dans les héros space wolf: Krom Dragongaze, Ragnar Blackmane and their Jarl, the High King of Fenris, Logan Grimnar
        Orks: Grukk FaceRippa and Mogrok da Mangla
        Les unités auront un système d'expérience au travers de la campagne, avec de nouvelles capacités et options.


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          Sortie mi-janvier.


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              Le 6 décembre vous pourrez voir le jeu et des questions/réponses aux dévs.


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                En tout cas, j'aime bien les graphismes.


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                  Premières parties.


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                    Plan de développement du jeu:
                    Force Selection – our goal is to improve the usability of this screen to make it easier to navigate
                    Unit Carry over – we’d like to give more control over what units the player can bring to battle
                    Pre-Battle Flow – we want to improve the flow and reduce the number of screens the player has to go through to start a battle
                    Map Generator – we want to improve the variety of victory conditions and force compositions in random maps to make them more interesting
                    Level Up – we aim at giving the player more control over the skills their units receive when they level up
                    Difficulty Levels – introducing different difficulty levels
                    More Story – we will give a bit more background story to players as they play through the campaigns
                    Unit Introductions – similar to above but introducing the player to the units somehow so we can explain their strengths and weaknesses for both player and enemy units
                    Morale System – we’re looking forward to bringing improvements to this
                    Melee system – as above
                    AI Improvements – we will always improve the AI!

                    La suite de mes vidéos:


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                      Merci pour les vidéos, j'aime beaucoup ce jeu. Tu sais que le jeu a une localisation française ?


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                        Patch tout frais !

                        Hello everyone!
                        We're pleased to announce v1.0.2 has officially released. Your game will automatically update.

                        The full change log is below.

                        v1.0.2 – January 25, 2017
                        • Reaction Fire has been heavily revamped. There AI was originally trying to save shots for the best targets but this sometimes resulted in it not reacting when it felt like it should. It now should always shoot.
                        • Hollow Hills Difficulty – the player has been given additional units to take on the Battlewagon and the Battlewagon has had its stats reduced.
                        • Hollow Hills has had a turn limit of 20 added to prevent it being farmed.
                        • Unit challenges and voice over play simultaneously with their combat animations so there is no delay when they open fire, speeding up the pace of the game.
                        • Firing animations have been sped up so that the pace of the game improves.
                        • We have added one new small map for multiplayer.
                        • The crash in the editor when creating a new campaign has been fixed.
                        • A bug where the shroud was not shown in overhead “M” hot key map view is fixed.
                        • The Ork unit icons have been modified to make them more visible when zoomed out.
                        • A bug where the AI would sometimes deploy its units on the wrong side of a barricade and become trapped has been fixed.
                        • A bug where tooltips were shown on shrouded tiles, giving away the position of enemy units has been fixed.
                        • A bug where the Gorkanaut could shoot and destroy itself when targeting terrain has been fixed.
                        • A bug where the Gorkanaut did not react to enemy units has been fixed.
                        • The Gorkanaut’s melee attack has been upgraded to area effect so he can more easily kill sqauds of weak infantry, similar to the Imperials Knights stomp.
                        • Skirmish force selection has been adjusted to try and make the forces fairer.
                        • The camera has been adjusted so that its easier to get to the corners of the map. There were times when the camera could get locked and it made selecting units and seeing the action difficult.
                        • Edgil Redfist was gaining the wrong ability. He now gains Frost Rage.
                        • The AI was targeting the players Melta gun units excessively. This has been toned down.
                        • The Battlewagon has had its accuracy reduced as it was over powered.
                        • The AI was unable to deploy units from a “Broken” transport – i.e. one with low morale. This is now fixed.
                        • There was a delay at the start of the AI turn when there are a lot of units. This has been fixed and removed.
                        • Melee attacks against vehicles were always using frontal armour. They now use the appropriate facing for the unit.
                        • Some users were missing large parts of the UI and we’ve added some tips in mission 1 to encourage the user to check out these features, so they better understand the game.
                        • The editor now defaults to advanced mode, which allows you to place multi tile objects by default. Basic mode is still available but its now clearer what is going on.
                        • Acid Woods and Lost Hills Multiplayer maps have been rebalanced to make them fairer. The Orks were under powered.
                        • Various spelling mistakes fixed


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                          Désolé elrond petit pas tapons , je n'avais pas vu tes posts. Oui le jeu a une localisation, mais comme mon steam est en anglais tous mes jeux sont en anglais et du coup j'y pense rarement. En dehors de certains rpg et certains cas, je ne passe jamais mes jeux en français.

                          Nouveau patch sinon, avec comme points principaux le fait d'avoir plus de choix dans la selection des force, de l'équilibrage et de l'amélioration d'IA.

                          Version 1.0.10

                          Key changes
                          • Force selection - You now get a much greater choice of units on the force selection screen. You will get far more of your upgraded units and in general much more choice.
                          • Force selection - The list of units is now sorted by cost and type so your best units are at the top and grouped in a much more readable way making the screen much easier to navigate.
                          • Extreme damage variation - the combat formula was generating too many extreme results for weak units shooting at armoured targets. This has been reduced so things are now more predictable.
                          • AI Improvements - the AI will now move its units in to a more effective range before shooting. It also does not save shots any longer and so fires at the player much more often. These two changes significantly improve the ability of the AI.
                          • AI - a bug preventing the AI from charging and meleeing has been fixed.
                          • AI Unit selection - the AI was selecting too many of certain unit types in initial skirmishes. It now brings a much more balanced force.
                          • Wreck removal - Destroyed vehicles can now be shot or melee attacked to destroy them and remove blockages.
                          • AI - will now remove wrecks that block its path.
                          • Morale - AI units who had low morale, but already had a target were ignoring the morale rules and attacking their target. The bug has been fixed so AI units now behave correctly when in a low morale state.
                          • The Hour of the Wolf campaign has been rebalanced so that Skirmish maps produce better battles. Extremes of force size and map size have been removed making things far more balanced. We've also increased the force size in some of the later skirmishes.
                          • Massive Speed up - there is now an option in the settings to change the movement speed. You can turn the speed boost on which makes units move at approx 10 times normal speed. This greatly speeds up the game for players who just want to get on with it and not admire the action!
                          • Zoom - we've greatly increased the distance you can zoom out. To ensure it does not cause issues for slower machines we've linked this to an "Advanced Camera" option in the options. When Advanced Camera is on you can zoom out much further.
                          • Camera Controls - we've greatly increased the angle you can drop the camera to and you can now have an over the shoulder view point to get a really close up look at the action. To ensure it does not cause issues for slower machines we've linked this to an "Advanced Camera" option in the options. When Advanced Camera is on you can drop the camera angle right down in to the action.
                          • Gorkanaut & Knight - both have had their damage increased.
                          • Master Crafted weapons - these have been buffed as they were not powerful enough.
                          • Weapon Balance - Bolters & Shoota ranges all increased by 1.
                          • Flamers - now correctly are prevented from attacking when their morale is too low or they are stunned.
                          • Invincible units - a bug where units sometimes became impossible to hit has been fixed.
                          • Shootaboyz & Gretchin - after the other balance changes these became slightly too good so have had accuracy reduced.
                          • Power weapons - these have been given much less variation in damage so all power weapons are a similar level of ability.
                          • Deffdread - after other balance changes the Deffdread became too tough and has had armour reduced.
                          • Significant Line of sight and chance to hit bugs fixed that also affected AI decisions.

                          Other changes
                          • Autosaves - the game now autosaves the in mission progress to "Autosave". It was previously only saving at the campaign level. If for any reason you want to return to the last saved point in a battle just load this up.
                          • Campaign Autosaves - the game was incorrectly generating a campaign autosave after every battle. The intention was to generate one file and update it after each cattle. This has been fixed so you now only have one campaign autosave per game, greatly reducing the clutter in the saved game list.
                          • Drop Pod deployment - In mission 1 the Drop Pod is now automatically deployed. Some users were missing the fact they could land it and there was a dreadnaught in it.
                          • Enemy Movement feedback - the Tooltip now shows how many movement points an enemy unit has.
                          • UI Clean up - various pop ups and text boxes have been improved to make them cleaner and tidier.
                          • Version Number - the options screen now shows the version number of the game.
                          • XP Bug - a bug where some units were deploying with negative experience has been fixed.
                          • Particle Bug - A bug where particles on transport loaded units could cause the game to crash has been fixed.
                          • Shrapnel ammo was causing a nasty bug so was removed. Units with shrapnel ammo will have it substituted for Frag Ammo.
                          • Unclear objective on Sacred mountain - Capture and hold just meant capture. It now working as intended.
                          • UI Improvement - buttons that control window mode, screen shake etc have been changed so its clearer which option is selected.
                          • Advanced skirmish bug - a bug where you could set the size of the skirmish force to be bigger than what is supported has been fixed.
                          • Mouse zoom speed - we've added a setting in the options to allow you to control the speed of the mouse wheel. Some users experienced very slow zoom and this lets them configure it how they want.
                          • Level up/No Skill bug - a bug where units were not gaining abilities/skills on levelling up has been fixed.
                          • Units losing XP - a bug where units were sometimes losing XP has been fixed.
                          • Update notification - a bug where an update notification sent you to an external web page has been fixed.
                          • Gretchin death sound - a bug where Gretchin were sometimes playing an Ork death sound has been fixed.
                          • Artillery camera - a bug where the camera was not following the action on artillery strikes has been fixed.
                          • Smoke Grenade exploit - a bug where smoke grenades and melee attacks combined to get free attacks has been fixed.
                          • UI Panel hiding - a bug where the UI panel would sometimes not hide on the enemy turn has been fixed.
                          • Metal Frag & Tempest Ammo - stats rebalanced due to merger with Shrapnel ammo.
                          • Modreds Ridge - Grukk and his crew have been delayed from entering the fight to avoid overwhelming the player.
                          • Sky Hunt building - removed a 'floating' building from sky hunt.
                          • Minimap control - the J button now adjusts the size of the minimap and toggles it on/off.
                          • Editor - the name of the user campaign was black text on a black background... so a little hard to read.
                          • Wolf Priests Text - the Wolf Priests Hammer had a missing string.
                          • Melee Reaction Bug - Units were going back into formation before they reacted, which meant the defender would get more reactions than before.
                          • Dead Standing Unit Bug - Some units were appearing to be alive after they had "exploded".
                          • Fixed various line of sight and cover bugs.
                          • Fixed a crash that could occur when large units emerge from shroud.